Hands up if you want to master Google Analytics 🙌

We’re going to help you understand how it all works and master the how to do it part’  📈with editable templates 📰 that we've developed and used, over 10+ years in analytics, hundreds of analytics audits, and teaching a few thousand people. 

Module One is our Introduction to Google Analytics, in just 34 minutes you’ll be able to: 

  • Understand why measurement is vital for your website and business 
  • The impact of bad data on that business
  • The basic concepts of how Google Analytics works from data collection, configuration, processing, and reporting perspectives
  • Understand the key terminology used in Google Analytics 
  • Understand the measurement planning process


Module One Access

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A mix of animation, lots of over the shoulder tutorials and checking for understanding, with some questions. We are going to download our years of experience into your brain - in a fun way.


Each module builds up your knowledge. Each one deals with a different aspect of the platform. Each one powers you up. You'll be a badass in no time.


Editable word and excel docs, that cover everything from goal setting to reporting - plus a load of PDF explainers to help cement the process, or stick up on your wall.


Our mission is to make education affordable. We have done our fair share of training for companies that charge the big bucks, and this is a product we are very, very proud to have created. Worth buying the course for the templates alone!

"When The Coloring In Department talk about Google Analytics, we listen"

The Google Analytics Team


Google Analytics can be really challenging to learn, but we’ve done the hard work for you. Most courses tell you that you’ll be proficient, but they don’t go into enough depth, and they leave you wanting more, the key part being:

‘OK, I get it, but now how do I do it?’

This course content is the result of practically thousands of hours of Google Analytics teaching, training, and troubleshooting. It breaks down everything (and we mean everything) we know about analytics into in-depth but digestible, no-nonsense content.

All you need is 10 hours – the equivalent of your average Netflix binge-fest!

We freely admit that all this info is out there already. But, knowing where to look? Well, that’ll take way (way) longer than 10 hours.

If you’ve got the time and patience to muddle through the many, many books, not to mention the YouTube videos that exist, then attempt to set up your Google Analytics account in the right order, all on your own…then don’t let us stop you.

But if you don’t (and who does, really?) then our course will help you master Google Analytics in double-quick time.

All for $199. 

Yes, it would be easier to just go head on with the high price point, the product is worth it, and we can prove it. 

People have told us that we are wrong for pricing the course low. Our answer to that? How do you expect to close the digital skills gap if you price people out of the field?

We guarantee to save you huge amounts of time, give your skills a power up, and you'll even enjoy it - both doing the course, and being the best at what you do!


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